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        About Us

        1.pngCompany Profile:

               Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Konruns Pharmaceutical”)     

               Established in 2003

        Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to its core mission of “Our Life Science Cares Your Health”. Over sixteen years, Konruns Pharmaceutical has developed into a high-tech pharmaceutical company that integrates R&D, production, and marketing by pursuing new drug research and development, and focusing on new special drugs. Konruns Pharmaceutical was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 603590) in August 2018.

        Since its founding, Konruns Pharmaceutical has maintained its original work, focused on the development of new special drugs, and pursued excellence in new drug development. Currently, the Company launched Suling, a national first-in-class new drug that has been launched onto the market, and now focused developing other first-in-class new drugs, including CX1026, CX1003, and KC1036. Konruns Pharmaceutical has obtained more than 45 Chinese and international patents of invention and has been awarded several top Chinese awards, including the National 863 Program Award, China Torch Program Award, and Chinese Patent Excellence Award.

        As a local Chinese innovative drug researcher and developer, Konruns Pharmaceutical has accumulated rich experience in innovative drug R&D through over ten years of new drug development, from target selection and compound screening to proval of conception, pre-clinical research, clinical research, registration and marketing, and then after marketing research The Company has set up a complete R&D system and platform and has developed a world-class sophisticated R&D team, which established a solid base for new drug development and the sustained success of the Company.

        Beijing-based R&D Enterprise
        National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
        Beijing Enterprise Technology Center
        National 863 Program
        Beijing Engineering Lab
        China Torch Program

        Beijing G20 Enterprises

        National Major New Drug Development Special Project
        Postdoctoral Program
        National High-tech Industrial Project
        China Patent Excellence Award
        National Key New Projects

        Alliance Marketing Model

        With the launch of Suling onto the market in 2009, Konruns Pharmaceutical took the lead in establishing and implementing the alliance marketing model. Through effective integration of resources, this model contributes to the megamerger, advantage sharing, and win-win cooperation between producers and alliance members. Through alliance marketing, the Company has not only witnessed rapid growth in the product performance of Suling, but also has established a strong academic communication system and marketing network in China, and built a resourceful marketing team that is able to achieve success.

        Nationwide Coverage

        Currently, the marketing network of Konruns Pharmaceutical covers 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of China. The original alliance marketing model of the Company has become the typical model in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and will enable more quality products to be successfully launched on the market.

        Konruns Pharmaceutical has bases for manufacturing small molecular and biological drugs located in Zhongguancun Science Park, Miyun, Cangzhou Industry Park, and Heze Industry Park where there are production lines that conform to international standards with rigorous quality management and monitoring systems. By adhering to the maxim of “Quality Means Life”, the production team of Konruns Pharmaceutical pursues strict and rigorous production and quality management. High-quality products have been launched onto the market and received high praise from doctors and patients.

        Culture is the Soul

        Konruns Pharmaceutical has a unique corporate culture system in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Konruns Pharmaceutical is the first Chinese enterprise that has established a culture system. In addition, it has obtained copyright on this culture system.

        The clear and concise culture system is the “supreme code” and “guideline” for the corporate governance and team building of Konruns Pharmaceutical. For ten years, unswerving cultural leadership and practices have contributed to a hardworking but relaxed cultural atmosphere. “Four-people” project, information standardization, project template creation, data management, and professional behavior, monthly conference meetings, internal and external training, holiday blessings, various types of disaster relief and poverty alleviation donations have injected fresh elements for the modernized and humanistic pharmaceutical management of Konruns Pharmaceutical, which enables its members to enjoy pride and experience happiness in the Company.

        In 2003, pioneers at Konruns Pharmaceutical embarked on a pathway to rapid development by starting from scratch and enduring hardships. Looking ahead, Konruns Pharmaceutical will continue to strive for progress by following innovation-driven methods and continuously developing world-class innovative drugs, so as to benefit patients, give value to society, and provide care for human health using life sciences.

        Copyright 2018?konrunsAddress:Building 3, Yard 7, Science Park Road, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Changping District

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